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November 21, 2019

Magic the Gathering

All sets are active on Buylist except the following: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised 3rd Edition, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires. These cards will only be purchased IN STORE. Please bring them in for evaluation on a case by case basis.

If you cannot find a card on the Buylist that is not from the above listed sets that means we have too much of that card and are not currently purchasing more. Exceptions might be made for cards above $100 brought in store ONLY!

Please note that the CASH PAYMENT option is ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORE. Cash Payment shall only be given in person. If you ship your cards to us, unless you come down to the store afterwards, you cannot receive cash payment. Store Credit will be issued by default for all Buy Orders, if you wish to be paid in cash please come down and visit us in store. ALL PAYMENTS in cash will be 80% of your Buy Order total. For example: If your Buy Order total is $100 and you wish to be paid in cash - please come down to our store, tell us the User Name your Buy Order is under, and we will pay you 80% of your Buy Order total in cash. So you will receive $80 in cash.


We are currently only purchasing NM condition cards. Do not include cards of conditions worse than NM in your order. If cards worse than NM condition are found in your order your total shall be adjusted downward at our discretion.

1.) Create an account and Log In.

2.) Search for cards on the Buylist page either one-by-one in the search field.


3.) Browse by Category - select "Magic Singles" under (Select Game), select a Magic Block under (Select Type), then select a set in that Block under (Select Set).

4.) Once you have found the card you want to sell to us pick how many of that card you wish to sell.

5.) Either hit the Enter Key on your keyboad or click "Sell". This will add that card in the quantity you picked to your Buylist Shopping Cart.

6.) When you are done click the "Buylist Shopping Cart" at the upper right of the page and checkout.

7.) Bring your cards down to us in the store or securely & neatly package them and ship it to us by mail. Once we have your cards we will take a look at them and notify you when you can get paid!


PLEASE ORGANIZE your cards in the same order as they are listed on the Buy Order check out page! If your cards are not neat and organized in this manner your Buy Order could either be rejected or be delayed in being processed. We reserve the right to deduct value from the amount you receive because of these issues or because of damaged cards!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.


phone: (323) 341-5600

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