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Erikas Vileplume - 5/132 - Holo Rare - 1st Edition

Erika's Vileplume - 5/132 - Holo Rare - 1st Edition

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  • Description


    This card has one (1) holo swirl in the background. Circled in Blue on images.

    Clean card front with excellent undamaged edges & corners. Front has what appears to be a small surface crease (extra wood pulp in lower layers of card stock?) ONLY on upper layer on border area between the picture box below the letter "V" in 'Vileplume'. This is circled in red on images. Back of card is clean and undamaged in great condition with a few edge dings.

    Please see detailed images.

    A Holo Swirl is one or more small “swirl-like patterns” in the holo backgrounds of the picture box. These only have a chance to appear on older style holographic cards that used the “Cosmos Holo” pattern for the foil treatment. These “swirl-like patterns” were included randomly on the larger print pattern for all “Cosmos Holo” style cards BUT because a random section of the print pattern was taken during each print NOT ALL CARDS have the exact same background pattern. Some received swirls in the background, some only received partial cropped off swirls, while others got really lucky and received more than one swirl.

  • Details
    Card Number: 5/132
    Weakness: 1
    Rarity: Holo Rare
    Illustrator: Ken Sugimori
    Retreat Cost: 2
    Stage: Stage 2
    Set: Gym Heroes
    HP: 80
    Card Type: Grass
    Finish: Holo
    Edition: 1st
    Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast